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Frances Perkins in National Media

The woman who helped a president change America during his first 100 days:   Big Boss, Little Boss:   International Women’s Day | Notable Maine women who’ve made their mark on the world:   Frances Perkins: Architect of the New Deal and Social Security:   Sen. Maxmin introduces bill to conserve

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Reviving the Power of “We”

The protagonists who drove the last upswing–when “I” gave way to “we”– came to be called Progressives. They were a diverse coalition whose factions often disagreed about ends and means but who shared a galvanizing belief in the power of ordinary citizens to change the course of history. Drawing lessons from that period could be

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Belvedere Historic Preservation $15,000 Grant Award

For Immediate Release: September 21, 2020 Contact: Kristen Levesque Kristen Levesque PR & Marketing 207-329-3090 The Frances Perkins Center Receives $15,000 Grant from the Belvedere Historic Preservation and Energy Efficiency Fund of the Maine Community Foundation (Newcastle, Maine) The Frances Perkins Center is pleased to announce that it has received a $15,000 grant from

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$500,000 Save America’s Treasures Grant to Frances Perkins Center

September 9, 2020 (Newcastle, Maine) The Frances Perkins Center has received a prestigious $500,000 matching grant from the National Park Service’s Save America’s Treasures grant program to preserve and restore the Frances Perkins Homestead National Historic Landmark in Newcastle, Maine. Maine Delegation Joint Statement: “The Frances Perkins Homestead is a fitting tribute to Frances Perkins,

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Social Security Celebrates 85th Anniversary

August 14, 2020: Happy 85th Birthday Social Security! Crown Jewel of the New Deal Read More “The process of recovery is not a simple one. We cannot be satisfied merely with makeshift arrangements which will tide us over the present emergencies. We must devise plans that will not merely alleviate the ills of today, but

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JSTOR Daily on Frances Perkins

Frances Perkins: Architect of the New Deal She designed Social Security and public works programs that helped bring millions out of poverty. Her work has been largely forgotten. Frances Perkins: Architect of the New Deal

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Prints, Drawings, and Photos Picturing the Great Depression

“A Dust Bowl of Dog Soup: Picturing the Great Depression” Virtual Exhibition. Smith College Museum of Art presents prints, drawings, and photos created by the New Deal Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Farm Security Administration (FSA), art ‘of the people and for the people. Virtual Exhibition can be seen at this YouTube channel From TIME

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Revive Civilian Conservation Corps?

From The New York Times: 7.7 Million Young People Are Unemployed. We Need a New ‘Tree Army.’ The Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps helped build America at a time of national crisis. Let’s do it again. Opinion By Collin O’Mara Mr. O’Mara is the president and C.E.O. of the National Wildlife Federation. May 18, 2020 A

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Frances and Faith

A More Gracious Society

CONVERSION TO THE WORLD A sermon by the Rev. Charles Hoffacker John 4:5-42 The woman who encounters Jesus at the well ends up converted. She sees everything differently than she did before. Moreover, she contributes to the conversion of many of her neighbors in Sycar. They come to see everything differently than they did before.

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To appreciate thoroughly the life and
accomplishments of Frances Perkins, a great agent
of social change who served as Secretary of Labor
throughout FDR’s tenure, requires recognizing that
faith was the foundation of who she was and all that
she did.