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Reviving the Power of “We”

The protagonists who drove the last upswing–when “I” gave way to “we”– came to be called Progressives. They were a diverse coalition whose factions often disagreed about ends and means but who shared a galvanizing belief in the power of ordinary citizens to change the course of
history. Drawing lessons from that period could be a game changer for America in this time of transition. People like labor activist #FrancesPerkins were crucial to reform in the last upswing, and their youthful counterparts, like Greta Thunberg and Alicia Garza, will be today. Read more.


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April 2024 FPC E-Newsletter

To appreciate thoroughly the life and
accomplishments of Frances Perkins, a great agent
of social change who served as Secretary of Labor
throughout FDR’s tenure, requires recognizing that
faith was the foundation of who she was and all that
she did.