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Exposing libertarian economics

The “Poisoned Spring” of Economic Liberalism: Menger, Mises, Hayek, Rothbard: A Critique from Catholic Social Teaching of the ‘Austrian School’ of Economics by Angus Sibley.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011. The “Poisoned Spring” in this book’s title refers to a 1931 encyclical where Pope Pius XI asserts that “The right ordering of the economic life

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May 2018 Newsletter

  ~~May 2018 Newsletter ~~ Traveling Exhibit funded by the Maine Community Foundation Traveling Exhibit nears completion thanks to the Maine Community Foundation. In May the Center received a grant from the Maine Community Foundation’s Lincoln County Fund to complete the final stages of a traveling exhibit project. The Frances Perkins Traveling Exhibit will include

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April 2018 Newsletter

  ~~April 2018 Newsletter ~~ Highlights from What Would Frances Perkins Do? Watch the April 10th discussion on our website here. What Would Frances Perkins Do? Adapting New Deal Worker Protections to the 21st Century Economy By Allison Beck What would Frances Perkins do? That was the question debated by a distinguished panel of labor and new economy

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How religion can help.

How religion can help: resources that faith communities offer for the restoration of the common good. by Charles Hoffacker Robert B. Reich teaches Public Policy at the University of California, served in three presidential administrations, and is the author of fifteen books and a vast number of articles.  The Frances Perkins Center is honored to

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March 2018 Newsletter

  ~~March 2018 Newsletter ~~ Two events to celebrate Frances Perkins’ Birthday! April 8th in Needham – April 10th in Cambridge In honor of women’s history month. Excerpt from: Frances Perkins: The woman who helped end the Great Depression by Chauncey K. Robinson (AP Photo) International Women’s Day 2018 comes in the midst of a

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Frances and Faith offers its first book review, a look at the faith of the president behind the New Deal.

The Simple Faith of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Religion’s Role in the FDR Presidency by Christine Wicker.  Smithsonian Books, 2017. FDR’s faith is not a major theme in studies of his life and presidency even though these studies are often thick tomes.  Journalist and author Christine Wicker effectively addresses this significant shortcoming in her compact volume,

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February 2018 Newsletter

~~February 2018 Newsletter ~~ On this day in history, February 28, 1933, Frances Perkins was appointed Secretary of Labor.   Above, a New York Times article highlighting Perkins’ appointment, 1933. Read the full New York Times Article here. “Susanna and I came to Washington on the train. Curiously, a considerable number of people in their

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January 2018 Newsletter

~~January 2018 Newsletter ~~ Happy New Year! We are excited to share just a few of the new developments happening at the Center this January. On January 17, 2018 Sarah Peskin was unanimously voted in as chair of the Frances Perkins Center Board of Directors replacing long-term board chair, Dr. Christopher Breiseth. Dr. Breiseth will stay

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Fall 2022 FPC Newsletter

Preservation and restoration activities are in full swing at the Frances Perkins Homestead. This National Historic Landmark in Newcastle, Maine serves as a tangible reminder that America is intended to be a vast homestead for all its people, a lively household for one and all, and that concern for the common good should govern our life together. We look forward to welcoming visitors in 2023.