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Preservation Magazine features Frances Perkins Homestead

Ask any American what they know about the New Deal, and chances are they’ll tell you about the charismatic president who led the nation through the Great Depression. Few would mention Frances Perkins, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s quietly influential secretary of labor and the first woman appointed to a presidential cabinet. But it was Perkins who

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Could a new WPA help employ thousands today?

How can we avoid sinking into another Great Depression? Unbound author Heather Boushey suggests we must mobilize our growing army of furloughed workers on behalf public health. But how do we do that? She says to look to how #FrancesPerkins created the Works Progress Administration to help us through the last one… A modern-day Works Progress Administration could

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Perkins’ Legacy Resurges During COVID-19

Perkins’ lost legacy is finding new life, thanks to the social and economic similarities to post-Great Depression America that may emerge as the world continues to cope with COVID. “Frances Perkins’ handiwork is the system we’re using right now to relieve the distress of hundreds of millions of people,” Downey says. “The bottom line is

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Should we consider a new Civilian Conservation Corp today?

Should America Consider Restarting the Civilian Conservation Corps in Response to the Economic Crash? By AppalachianMagazine – April 3, 2020 Photo: CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) workers, 1935. Contributor Names: Mydans, Carl, photographer, United States. Resettlement Administration. Roughly four months ago, the world entered into a new decade and for many Americans 2020 had all the hallmarks of

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COVID-19: What Lessons Will We Learn?

Stephen Gottlieb: What Lessons Will We Learn? I’d like to look beyond this epidemic, beyond the people telecomputing and those taking bicycles to work instead of busses, beyond our fears of going to meetings to see and greet each other and work together, beyond elbow bumps at funerals as I had to recently, and think

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Frances Perkins Homestead Tours

Visit the Newcastle home of Frances Perkins, first woman Cabinet member and FDR’s Secretary of Labor. Enjoy guided tours of the 1837 Brick House and historic district with its 57 acres of fields, gardens, and trails to the Damariscotta River. Watch for website updates or email for information about 2020 tour dates. Two tour

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Frances Perkins at the Dutch Treat Club

By Charles Hoffacker Founded in 1905, the Dutch Treat Club in New York City is a luncheon club of writers, artists, illustrators, publishers, media gurus and performers in music, television, and film.  Over the years, the membership has included such notable figures as Isaac Asimov, Jimmy Cagney, George M. Cohan, Walter Cronkite, Ogden Nash, Norman

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To appreciate thoroughly the life and
accomplishments of Frances Perkins, a great agent
of social change who served as Secretary of Labor
throughout FDR’s tenure, requires recognizing that
faith was the foundation of who she was and all that
she did.