Exhibit Center

Exhibit Center

ONGOING EXHIBIT: Temporarily Closed

We are relocating our exhibit to the Frances Perkins Homestead. Check back for updates. Thank you!

Frances Perkins: The Women Behind the New Deal

This free exhibit presents an overview of the life of Frances Perkins, highlighting her accomplishments through historic photographs, text, and personal memorabilia.

Panels include:

  • Her Maine Roots and Patriot Ancestry
  • Mount Holyoke: Her Activist Roots
  • From Triangle Fire to New Deal
  • Confronting the Truth: An Unemployment Crisis
  • America Before the New Deal
  • The New Deal; Secretary of Labor 1933-45
  • Social Security: Her Greatest Achievement
  • 1945 and Beyond: A Proud Legacy
  • The exhibit space also includes a small library with Frances Perkins Center publications and related works of interest, with some available for purchase.

For More Information:
Email: info@francesperkinscenter.org
Phone: (207) 563-3374

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