Homestead Preservation

Frances Perkins Homestead National Historic Landmark
Preservation in Process, 2022

Laying the Groundwork for Opening to the Public in 2023

National Park Service Signage

Building project sign installed at site entrance,  May 2022. The COVID pandemic significantly delayed the work start date.


Readying Homestead Barn for Restoration

Readying the Homestead barn for preservation during winter 2021. Each board was numbered, then removed and stored in a safe location. After the barn foundation restoration is completed, the boards will be replaced in their original order.  [At right: time lapse video of workers removing floorboards]

Architects and contractors inspect the 1837 Brick House cellar.

Brick and Stone are temporarily removed from Brick House basement floor to allow for new footings – to be returned to their original locations when the footing work is completed.

Emptying Corn Crib

The Corn Crib is emptied of its contents before critical roof truss repair work can begin. [At right video: Corn Crib contents being moved to an onsite storage container for safe keeping]

Executive Director Michael Chaney stands by newly laid underground utility lines.

Restoring Porch and New Accessible Entrance

Footings are put into place for a restored historic porch and new accessible entrance, north side of the 1837 Brick House.

First Layers of New Parking Area

Unloading material for the new visitor parking area

New Parking Area Framing

The new visitor parking area taking form at the north side of the Frances Perkins Homestead 

Shining a light on Frances Perkins' legacyFinally getting her due