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Early December 2017 Newsletter

Requesting nominations for 2018

Frances Perkins Center awards

2017 Intelligence & Courage Honoree Jane Mayer with 2015 Intelligence & Courage Honoree Bill Nemitz, Bowdoin College, September 23, 2017.

Photo by Jym St. Pierre.

Do you know someone who exemplifies the work of Frances Perkins? Nominate someone you admire for one of our three annual awards.


2017 Intelligence & Courage Honoree,

Jane Mayer

Veteran journalist, author of Dark Money.

The name for the Intelligence and Courage Award comes from a speech given by Frances Perkins in 1929 when she was New York State Industrial Commissioner, in which she pledged, “I promise to use what brains I have to meet problems with intelligence and courage. I promise that I will be candid about what I know. I promise to all of you who have the right to know, the whole truth so far as I can speak it.” The award is given to an individual who epitomizes the intelligence and courage of Frances Perkins.

2017 Steadfast Honoree, Kevin Concannon

Former Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services, Department of Agriculture. Director of State Health and Human Services departments in Maine, Oregon, and Iowa.

The Steadfast Award gets its name from the motto of Frances Perkins’ Mount Holyoke class of 1902, “Be ye steadfast.” This award is given to someone who is doing the work of Frances Perkins, but without public recognition.

2017 Open Door Honoree, Joelle Gamble

Former Senior Advisor to the President & CEO of the Roosevelt Institute

The Open Door Award is named after the advice given to Frances Perkins by her grandmother, that when a door opens to you, you must walk through it. This award traditionally has been given to a young person who has chosen to pursue the work of Frances Perkins.

We seek your

Please email Frances Perkins Center Executive Director

Michael Chaney by
January 15
th, 2018,

by phone at 207-563-3374, or by mail

PO Box 281, Newcastle, ME 04553

Awards will be presented at Frances Perkins Center events throughout 2018.

Frances Perkins Center| | | | PO Box 281, Newcastle, ME 04553


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