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November 2017 Newsletter



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The Frances Perkins Center honors the legacy of Frances Perkins by sharing her commitment to
the principle that government should provide all its people with the best possible life, and by preserving the place that shaped her character.

The Center convenes leaders and future leaders in public policy, labor and related fields to
generate creative solutions to today’s social and economic problems and teaches students of all ages about a remarkable woman whose work continues to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

The need for our nation to recall the Perkins heritage and build upon it has never been more urgent than now. 

Now is the time for Frances Perkins’ legacy as a lifelong advocate for social justice and economic security to become better known.  


Your support makes all the difference.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!   

-Frances Perkins Center Staff & Board


PO Box 281, Newcastle, ME 04553



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