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December 2013 Newsletter


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This month in history

The NBC Radio Network program “America’s Town Meeting of the Air” was an early form of electronic “townhall” democracy. In this broadcast from December 1935, Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins is defending and explaining the recently passed Social Security Act, while journalist George E. Sokolsky is attacking the new legislation. You can download a link here.


The mission of the Frances Perkins Center is to fulfill the legacy of Frances Perkins, principal architect of the New Deal, by continuing her work for social and economic justice and preserving for future generations her nationally significant family homestead.

Social Security and Labor Links

Here are some stories from our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Follow us for regular reports on working conditions for Americans today:

Congressional Budget avoids entitlement cuts (

An op-ed piece on Social Security by Board Member Susan Feiner (Portland Press Herald)

Raising the minimum wage by Paul Krugman (NY Times)

FPC Advisory Council member Robert Reich on the loss of American jobs and what it means for the future of the American economy

Sen. Tom Harkin on Social Security reforms (Quad City Times)


Your contribution today will support our ongoing efforts to preserve the legacy of Frances Perkins by continuing her work in the 21st century.

Frances Perkins’s Newcastle Homestead Nominated as National Historic Landmark

The Frances Perkins Center has nominated the Perkins Homestead in Newcastle, Maine as a National Historic Landmark. Board member Sarah Peskin will present the nomination to the Landmarks Committee of the National Park System Advisory Board December 17 in Washington, DC, following which a recommendation will be made to the Secretary of the Interior.

Meet Our Newest Staff Member

Meet Sam Goldsmith, our new Director of Development for the Frances Perkins Center. Originally from California, Sam is a current resident of Walpole, ME and holds a masters degree from the UCLA School of Public Policy. Stop by the Frances Perkins Center and say hi!


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