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July 2013 Newsletter

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Labor Links

Here are some stories from our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Follow us for regular reports on working conditions for Americans today:

Cornell Prof. Jeff Cowie reflects on the Future of Fair Labor (NYTimes)

AFL-CIO features union-Made in America products, including pet treats, beer, and vacations.

Six Faces of Minimum Wage (NYTimes)

Minimum wage rates vary across the country (USDoL)

Even after receiving judgments in their favor, California workers are often unable to collect their owed wages  (LA Times, NELP)

Why Paid Family Leave is Good for Everyone (Atlantic)

Social Security

Seniors in Burlington, Binghamton, and other American cities recently protested chained-CPI.

The majority of media segments on Social Security suggest cutting costs, even though most Americans support strengthening the program (Media Matters)

What’s Next for Social Security? (NYTimes)

This month in history

On July 28, 1933, Frances Perkins traveled to Homestead, Pennsylvania, to meet with steel workers and to rally support for New Deal reforms. When the town burgess refused to let Perkins speak to an outdoor crowd, she held an impromptu rally at the local post office, a federal building not under the burgess’ control. In 2003, Homestead designated the corner of Ninth Ave. and Amity St. as “Free Speech Corner.


The mission of the Frances Perkins Center is to fulfill the legacy of Frances Perkins, principal architect of the New Deal, by continuing her work for social and economic justice and preserving for future generations her nationally significant family homestead.

Frances Perkins at the Fair

The Frances Perkins Center went to the St. Andrew’s Fair for Outreach in Newcastle, Maine, on July 6. Visitors to our booth signed up for Social Security Stories Project interviews or took photographs with Golden Halo Winner Frances Perkins. Here, Brenda Hamilton and Terry Marsh model vintage hats.

Frances Perkins used as commencement inspiration for new graduates

David Brooks, a columnist at the New York Times, mentioned Frances Perkins during his 2013 Commencement Address at Indiana University, Bloomington. We heartily commend his use of Frances Perkins as a role model, but withhold comment on his references to Syracuse!

News from the FPC Office

The Frances Perkins Center elected Hon. Neil Rolde to the Board of Directors on June 10. A former Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, Neil is also a renowned author and philanthropist.

Enjoyed participating in Lent Madness? Want to learn more about the role of faith in Frances Perkins’ life? Then download our new brochure, Frances Perkins: Private Faith, Public Policy, by Michelle L. Kew. Copies are also available at our office.

The 5th Annual Garden Party on Wednesday, August 14th will feature Open Door Awardee Lynn Pasquerella, President of Mount Holyoke College.

The event will be held from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the Perkins Homestead. Tickets are $100.

I want a ticket!

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact our office to learn more.

“What social projects I did, which seem to have been successful, I took up because at the moment they moved me deeply. They seemed right. Nobody else was there to do it, and I did it.”
– Frances Perkins

A Perkins-Wilson family parade in Newcastle, Maine, ca. 1925.

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