Bold Ideas, Renewed Focus, Carrying our Work into 2024

Bold Ideas, Renewed Focus, Carrying our Work into 2024

Reflection and Anticipation

Welcoming visitors to the newly preserved and opened Frances Perkins Homestead National Historic Landmark, Summer 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, our team here at the Frances Perkins Center is reflecting on your generosity that has made our work possible. Thank YOU for participating in our programs, visioning, and fundraising efforts. You are the lifeblood of this organization.

This is also a time for strategizing and planning for the year ahead. By the time the flowers are blooming, we’ll be updating you on our plans and progress. 


Thanks to your generous support and with the completion of the multi-year restoration, the beloved Frances Perkins Homestead opened to the public and welcomed visitors throughout the summer.  


Building on the strong foundation built over the past decade, we can look to the future with big ideas and renewed focus. Two recent grants from the State of Maine supported by federal dollars will be used to guide us in presenting meaningful visitor experiences and increase awareness to the millions of visitors who come to Maine each year. However, it is individuals like you, who support our ongoing work, that will help us continue developing programs, sustain the 57-acre Frances Perkins Homestead landmark, and bring Frances Perkins into the homes and hearts of people across the nation.


With your help, we will inspire new generations to embrace and further Frances Perkins’ principle: “a government should aim to give all the people under its jurisdiction the best possible life.” It is the Center’s hope that each new visitor to the Frances Perkins Homestead will achieve a better understanding of how this 57-acre property influenced Perkins’ character, philosophy, and body of work.


For you who are not able to visit Maine, we plan to deliver new and innovative programming through existing and new partnerships across the country, in person and virtual—all in the name of building on Frances Perkins’ legacy of social and economic justice to inspire others to act as she would.

More and more people are recognizing Frances Perkins as one of the most important figures in our country’s history. The Frances Perkins Center is committed not only to shining a light on her legacy of accomplishments but also to call attention to the unfinished work of the New Deal. We are grateful for your support and are humbled to carry on this work.