Ending Economic Inequality 2023

Ending Economic Inequality Forum

February 23, 2023

Video of a live webinar with two leading American economists who work to solve the issues causing today’s high cost of economic inequality. Joseph Stiglitz and Joelle Gamble discuss dynamic proposals and financial strategies to shape a stronger, more equitable, and healthier nation. Stiglitz is the Frances Perkins Center’s 2023 FPC Intelligence and Courage Award honoree and the Nobel Prize-winning Chief Economist at the Roosevelt Institute. Gamble, the Center’s 2017 FPC Open Door Award honoree is Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of Labor and Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy. Moderated by FPC Board Member Allison Beck, former General Counsel of the Machinists Union and Director of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCS under President Obama. 

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Greg & Maria Jobin-Leeds
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Sarah Peskin & William Kelley

Susan Bateson & Stephen Fuller
Ann Beaudry & Craig McEwen
Allison Beck & Larry Chernikoff
Susan & John Kirk
Karen Sulzberger & Eric Lax
Lee Webb

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Christopher Breiseth
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