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Preserving the
Frances Perkins Homestead in Newcastle to make it a National Monument

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The Frances Perkins Homestead, a fifty-seven-acre National Historic Landmark, a saltwater farm in the nation’s northeast corner, is a tangible reminder that America is intended to be a vast homestead for all its people, a lively household for one and all, and that concern for the common good should govern our life together. Reflecting on Frances Perkins’ commitment to the principle that “government should provide all its people with the best possible life,” we believe that her Homestead and our idea of the nation as “homestead for all” can help us bolster important American values where the strength of our nation resides in its diversity.

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April 2024 FPC E-Newsletter

To appreciate thoroughly the life and
accomplishments of Frances Perkins, a great agent
of social change who served as Secretary of Labor
throughout FDR’s tenure, requires recognizing


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