Thursday July 23, 2015– Betta Ehrenfeld Public Policy Forum at the Strand Theater in Rockland, ME at 4 p.m.

Thursday July 23, 2015– Betta Ehrenfeld Public Policy Forum at the Strand Theater in Rockland, ME at 4 p.m.

To purchase tickets to the Betta Ehrenfeld Public Policy Forum please visit the Strand Theater website for more details by following this link.

Betta Ehrenfeld Public Policy Forum

The Demise of the American Middle Class: Is it real? Is it reversible? Is it inevitable?

Hosted by the Frances Perkins Center
Because of her pivotal role in creating New Deal programs – programs that continue to provide financial security to millions of Americans today – Frances Perkins is credited with helping to establish the American middle class. Prior to the 1930’s, Americans were divided between the poor and the wealthy. Economic developments over the past thirty years have caused a substantial erosion of the average wealth of the American family, and income stagnation for most Americans has greatly reduced their buying power. The economic security of American families to which Frances Perkins devoted her life to achieving is in jeopardy. What are the causes of these developments? What can be done to reverse them? Is the current state of our economic condition an inevitable consequence of a capitalist economy?


Dr. Jeff Faux, Distinguished Fellow, Economic Policy Institute. Author of The Servant Economy: Where America’s Elite is Sending the Middle Class, he
is the principal founder of the Economic Policy Institute. He served as EPI’s president
from 1985-2002.

Dr. Lawrence Mishel, President, Economic Policy Institute, co-author The State of Working America, a book that former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich says “remains unrivaled as the most-trusted source for a comprehensive understanding of how working Americans and their families are faring in today’s economy.”


Senator Roger Katz, Program Moderator, is currently serving his third term in the Maine
State Senate. Prior to his legislative service, Senator Katz was Mayor of Augusta for two terms.
Katz is currently one of two Republican Senators on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs
Committee, which is responsible for drafting the state’s budget. He also serves as Chair of the
Government Oversight Committee.


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