A Promise to all Generations

Stories & Essays about Social Security and Frances Perkins    Frances Perkins Center book Promise to All Generations

Essays by well-known authorities and stories by Americans about the impact of Social Security on their lives.

Essays by: Nancy Altman, Jonathan Ball, Adam Cohen, Larry DeWitt, Kirstin Downey, Jamie Galbraith, Teresa Ghilarducci, June Hopkins, Eric Kingson, Donn Mitchell, Barack Obama, James Roosevelt, Jr., and others.

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Here, finally, is the definitive account of the origins of America’s most important social program. As this fine collection of essays shows, Social Security was largely the brainchild of Frances Perkins, secretary of labor in the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Not only did she conceive it but she also navigated the complex political currents in order to gain its passage. Social Security was Perkins’ crowning achievement, as well as FDR’s. It has also proven itself one of America’s greatest achievements. No federal program has ever been as popular. None has had nearly the impact on the lives of ordinary Americans. And none has been as important in assuring them decent livelihoods. This book is an important reminder of what we as a nation can do together, for one another.

—Robert Reich, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor

This remarkable collection of essays presents a stunning portrait of how one woman’s commitment to social justice transformed the lives of generations of workers. At the same time, it offers penetrating insights into policy development, public administration, and contemporary debates over the sustainability of Social Security. —Lynn Pasquerella, President, Mount Holyoke College

An important look at the heart of Social Security and the values that led to its creation. Required reading for all who care about the role government can play in improving people’s lives now and in the future. —Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree

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