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presentation at
Schooner Cove
Frances Perkins is acknowledged
as the woman behind the New Deal,
the woman who created Spcial
Security, the minimum wage
unemployment insurance, the 40-
hour work week, the limits on
child labor, and the modern middle
class. A presentation about her will
take place at Schooner Cove, at 35
Schooner St. ín Damariscotta, on
Tuesday, June 26 at 2 p.m.
One can learn about how this
self-made woman, with roots in the
humble Maine farm her ancestors
had settled in the 1750s, rose to
become America’s leading advocate
for industrial safety and worker’s
rights and the first woman to serve
as a cabinet secretary.
Michael Chaney, executive
director of the Frances Perkins
Center, and Chris Cash, program
director, will talk about the center
and its work to fulfill the legacy
of Perkins in the Schooner Cove

Call 563-5523 for more information

This talk is free and open to the public.