Perkins Homestead designated a National Historic Landmark

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Perkins Homestead designated a National Historic Landmark
the “best possible life” for all

Tomlin Coggeshall adresses the guests at a ceremony designating
his home the Frances Perkins Homestead as a National Historic
Landmark in Newcastle Saturday, June 13, Coggeshall is Perkins’
grandson, (Charlotte Boynton photo)
Frances Perkins’ father, Frederick
Perkins, According to information
provided at the ceremony, Frances
Perkins preserved the home and the
landscape with few changes over
the years.
Several speakers spoke of Frances
Perkins’ dedication to improving the
lives of working people. Shettleworth
said her legacy directed social
change affecting Americans today
and all of their tomorrows,
Peggy Rotundo said because of
this designation more Mainers and
Americans will learn about this
wonderful woman. Chris Rector said
Frances Perkins was an extremely
wise woman,
The property is currently ow
by Frances Perkins’ grand:
Tomlin Perkins Coggeshall,
son of her daughter, Susanna,
died in 2003. Coggeshall lives
the property and opens his hom
tours during the summer month:
Board member Leah Spra
announced the special evc
planned for the homestead this y
Tour dates include July ’12, Aug
and Sept. II, There will be a gar
party on Aug, 14 to commemor
the 80th anniversary of the sign
of the Social Security Act on A
14, 1935.
By Charlotte Boynton
The Frances Perkins Homestead
in Newcastle was designated as
a National Historic Landmark
Saturday, June 13 with the unveiling
of a National Historic Plaque
presented to Tomlin Coggeshall,
grandson of Frances Perkins, to be
erected on the property,
included comments from Earle
Shettleworth Jr., state historian and
state historic preservation officer;
Roger Reed, of the National Park
Service; Chris Rector, representing
Sen. Angus King; Frances Perkins
Center Executive Director Michael
Chaney, and center board members
Peggy Rotundo and Sarah Peskin.
The Frances Perkins Center,
founded in 2009, is a nonprofit
organization devoted to making the
work and career of Frances Perkins
known to the American people,
The center nominated the Perkins
Homestead to honor her legacy.
There were many visitors to
the Perkins Homestead for the
ceremony. Visitors heard about
Perkins’ work through the speakers
and through information provided
at the ceremony,
Frances Perkins was appointed as
U.S. secretary of labor by President
Franklin D, Roosevelt in 1933. She
was the first woman appointed to a
U.S. president’s cabinet, a position
she served in until 1945, throughout
the ‘best possi
Frances Perkins Center Executive
Director Michael Chaney welcomes
guests to the ceremony designating
the Frances Perkins Homestead a
National. Historic
the presidency of Franklin
During the time she served as
secretary of labor, she is credited
with being the driving force behind
programs that still provide security
and benefits to everyone in this
Frances Perkins is known as
the “Mother of Social Security.”
According to information provided
at the ceremony, she worked
tirelessly to craft and enact the
Social Security legislation that
provides retirement income for
workers and supports children who
lose a working parent.
Her other accomplishments
during her time as secretary
of labor include unemployment
insurance, fair labor standards, and
much more,
The Perkins brick house was
built as a wedding present for the
grandmother of Frances Perkins,
Cynthia Otis Perkins. Frances
Perkins spent many summers there
with her grandmother,
The 57-acre homestead has been
owned by the Perkins family since
the 1750s and was the birthplace of
Frances Perkins (third from the right) is on hand to watch Presidc
Franklin D, Roosevelt sign the Social Security Act into law Aug, 14, 19:
This picture, reprinted on a postcard produced for the Frances Perki
Center, is one of many taken of the signing ceremony. According to
Social Security Administration website, the posing was different in ma
of the photographs and none of the known photographs show all of t
participants at the same time.
‘je “best possible
Maine State Historian Earle
Shettleworth Jr. speaks during a
ceremony designating the Frances
Perkins Homestead a National
Historic Landmark. According to
ShettlewortlE President
Roosevelt carried every state except
Maine and Vermon% in..the J936
presidential election. (Charlotte
Boynton photo)

Shining a light on Frances Perkins' legacyFinally getting her due