Frances Perkins Center Garden Party

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Frances Perkins Center Garden Party /
Photos by Jym St. Pierre
The Frances Perkins Center hosted its ninth annual Garden Party on Aug. 13 to celebrate the 82nd
anniversary of the signing of the Social Security Act. Pictured are Frances Perkins Center Executive
Director Michael Chaney, board members Alison Lahnston and Sarah Peskin, 2017 Open Door awardee
Joelle Gamble, 2017 Steadfast awardee Kevin Concannon and board members Leah Sprague, Susan
Bateson, Peggy Rotundo and Chris Breiseth.
Frances Perkins Center 2017 interns stand in front
of the Perkins Homestead, a National Historic
Landmark. Left to right are Kiernan Majerus-Collins,
Bates College; Chloe Oslin, Bates College; Anima
Shrestha, Mount Holyoke College; and Darcy Dang,
Mount Holyoke College.