7th Annual Garden Party

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2015 Board of Directors
Christopher Breiseth, Ph.D. — Chair
Rev. Charles Hoffacker — Vice Chair
Hon. Leah W. Sprague — Treasurer
Sarah Peskin — Secretary
Members of the Board
Alison Lahnston
Kirstin Downey
Hon. Neil Rolde
Donn Mitchell
Margaret Rotundo
Charles Wyzanski
Judy Goldstein
Michael Chaney — Executive Director
Chris Cash — Development & Outreach Associate
Maya Ulin-O’Keefe & Erik Plowden — 2015 Exhibit Guide
Mount Holyoke College/
Frances Perkins Center 2015 Intern
Katya Danyluk
New Deal Descendants
Tomlin Coggeshall • Charles Wyzanski
Special Thanks to our Garden Party Volunteers
Che Portlanö Dregg 20talö
JHaine Sunöay Uelegtam
Morrison Bonpasse
William Kelley
Jim Van Dyke
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Real Possibilities

7th Annual Garden Party
Michael Chaney, Executive Director
Special recognition of our representatives in Augusta
Senator Chris Johnson and Representative Mick Devin
Tribute to Bill Nemitz and the Role of the Press in our Democracy
Greg Kesich, Editorial Page Editor, Portland Press Herald
Presentation of Courage & Intelligence Award to Bill Nemitz
Peggy Rotundo, Board member
Bill Nemitz
Introduction of William Leuchtenburg
Leah Sprague, Board member
Meet the Press
Once the White House had virtually no relationship with the press.
When did that change and how? When did it become obligatory
for presidents to meet the press? A glimpse into author William
Leuchtenburg’s forthcoming book, The American Presidency: From
Teddy Roosevelt to Bill Clinton.
Presentation of Open Door Award to Elisa Walker
Christopher Breiseth, Board Chair
Elisa Walker
Celebration of the 80th anniversary of Social Security
• Voice of Frances Perkins from “The Roots of Social Security”
e Rich Livingston, AARP Maine State President
• Tomlin Perkins Coggeshall and New Deal descendants
Frances Perkins Center Mission
The Frances Perkins Center is a nonprofit organization
whose mission is to fulfill the legacy of Frances Perkins
by continuing her work for social justice and economic
security and preserving for future generations her
nationally significant family homestead.

Bill Nemitz
“I promise to use what brains I have to meet problems with intel-
ligence and courage. I promise that I will be candid about what I
know. I promise to all of you who have the right to know, the whole
truth so far as I can speak it.”
— Frances Perkins speech as New York State Industrial Commissioner, 1929
Bill Nemitz is a news columnist for the Port-
land Press Herald and Maine Sunday Tele-
gram. He began writing his thrice week-
ly column for the Press Herald and Maine
Sunday Telegram in 1995. While focusing
on Maine people and issues, his work has
taken him three times to Iraq and once to
Afghanistan, where he was embedded with
members of the Maine Army National Guard and the Army Reserve
for which the Maine Press Association named Nemitz Maine Jour-
nalist of the Year in 2004. Nemitz is a past president of the Maine
Press Association and teaches journalism part-time at St. Joseph’s
College of Maine in Standish. In 2007, he received the Distinguished
Service Award from the New England Newspaper Association.
The Center honors Bill Nemitz this year for his intelligence and
courage in elucidating the complexities of Maine’s sometimes diffi-
cult political environment, confronting its contradictions with humor
and wisdom, and keeping his focus on policies, not personalities.
Barbara Mikulski
Frances Perkins, as president of her senior class at Mount Holyoke
College, spoke these words at a June prayer meeting: “Be ye stead-
fast” (from Corinthians 15:58). The seniors adopted it as their class
motto, and it became her personal motto as well.
Left to Right, Executive Director, Michael Chaney, Board Chair Chris Breiseth, Board Treasurer Leah
Sprague, Board Secretary Sarah Peskin, Senator Barbara Mikulski, FPC founder and Frances Perkins’
grandson Tomlin Coggeshall, and Advisory Board member Christopher Rice.
Barbara Mikulski has served in the U.S. Congress for over thirty
years. She broke the record for the longest-serving female senator in
2012. Mikulski told Time magazine that “In the Senate, I plan to use
the good mind, the good mouth, the good heart that God gave me.”
Mikulski is a trailblazer, in 1986 becoming the first Democratic wom-
an Senator elected in her own right. A leader in the Senate, Mikulski
builds coalitions — proving that the Senate women are not solo acts,
but work together to get things done.
The Center honors Barbara Mikulski with its Steadfast Award in rec-
ognition of her early career in social work, steadfast leadership on
economic issues and a continuing concern about the decline of the
American middle class. Her advocacy for a fair minimum wage and
equal pay for women is well-known, having been noted as “one of the
fiercest fighters for women, families and the middle class.”

Elisa Walker
“The door might not be opened to a woman again for a long, long
time, and I had a kind of duty to other women to walk in and sit
down on the chair that was offered, and so establish the right ofoth-
ers long hence and far distant in geography to sit in the high seats.”
— Frances Perkins explaining why she accepted the job as
FDR’s Secretary of Labor at great personal cost.
A 2010 summa cum laude graduate of the
University of Mary Washington, Elisa Walker
served for five years as Income Security
Policy Analyst at the National Academy of
Social Insurance, where she examined how
Social Security and other social insurance
programs influence Americans’ economic
security. During her time at NASI, she
became the trusted go-to source in Wash-
ington for scrupulously accurate data and
information about Social Security. She has co-authored several
Academy publications on Social Security financing, policy options,
and disability insurance. In 2015, she was appointed Consultant/
Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner for Retirement and
Disability Policy within the Social Security Administration.
The Center honors Elisa Walker with its Open Door Award for her
commitment to the future of Social Security and to the well-being
of Americans of all generations who count on the program to be
there for them when they need it.
Historian William Leuchtenburg
William Edward Leuchtenburg is the William
Rand Kenan Jr. professor emeritus of history
at the University of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill. Considered by many to be the dean of
New Deal history, he is the author of over a
dozen books on 20th century American his-
tory, including the prize-winning Franklin
D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1940
(1963), a volume still used in many university courses today. His lat-
est work is The American Presidency: From Teddy Roosevelt to Bill
Clinton, to be published by Oxford University Press in December.
Professor Leuchtenburg has been a summer visitor to Newcastle and
Boothbay Harbor for the past several years and is a frequent presenter
at the Frances Perkins Center’s annual Garden Party.