Homestead Campaign

Frances Perkins Homestead Campaign: Seeking the Public Good

The Frances Perkins Homestead Campaign: Seeking the Public Good  honors the life and legacy of Frances Perkins, a remarkable woman whose work continues to improve the lives of ordinary Americans. Our campaign seeks to raise $5.5 million to expand educational programs and preserve her historic family Homestead – the place that inspired her pioneering achievements for the betterment of all Americans.  As of March 15, 2020, we have raised $2.4 million toward our goal! 

We need your help!

Honorary campaign co-chairs, former US Senator George Mitchell and Lynn Pasquerella, President of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and former President of Mount Holyoke College, join us in asking you to help us create a national educational center and historic site at the Frances Perkins Homestead in Newcastle, Maine. Your campaign support will preserve and promote the values championed by Frances Perkins, ensuring that her legacy will not be lost to future generations.

October 30, 2018: Maine Preservation announced the Frances Perkins Homestead as one of Maine’s key historic places, adding “we must continue to wisely manage our rural historic assets to provide a firm foundation for future prosperity and quality of life.”

Transforming Partnership: Your support at any gift level will allow us to permanently protect Frances Perkins’ beloved home and transform it into a national center for learning and discourse dedicated to her stated belief that government should provide all of its people with the best possible life.

A National Historic Landmark

As a National Historic Landmark, the Frances Perkins Homestead is among our nation’s most significant places. Settled by the Perkins family in the mid-eighteenth century, it is a saltwater farm on the tidal Damariscotta River.  Its 1837 Brick House and connected barns sit on 57 acres within a protected landscape of fields and forest bounded by 2.8 miles of picturesque stone walls. Tours highlight the modest but comfortable house full of memorabilia and the remnants of the family’s brick works allow us to teach how this place shaped Perkins as someone dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans.


We currently offer public programs from a small rented office and exhibit space in downtown Damariscotta, the town adjacent to Newcastle. While programs like our senior college courses and public policy forums are offered off site at libraries and college lecture halls, our signature offerings – interpreted tours of the Perkins Homestead with participatory discussions – is best offered at the place itself.


Locating the Center at the Homestead will achieve two goals – preserving the place as well as making possible a major expansion of programs to reach wider audiences.  These will include school field trips, on-site educational forums, publications, expanded internships, residential opportunities for scholars, and the ability to host gatherings of labor professionals, policy makers, and others working in fields related to the career of Frances Perkins, sharing the results and lessons of her work through programs of learning and civil discourse that address 21st century economic and social issues.

Gift Consideration

Gifts of all sizes will help us achieve our goals. We accept recurring gifts and gift installments dedicated to the Homestead Campaign over a 5-year period, as well as gifts of securities.

For more information about our plans or making a gift, please contact

Laura Chaney

Development Director

(207) 563-3374

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