Inaugural Homestead Day Video


On September 18, 2022, many joined together virtually to celebrate our Inaugural Homestead Day and honor three inspiring leaders who are continuing Frances Perkins’ legacy by creating new foundations for social justice in America today. We could not meet in person as we are in the midst of preserving the Homestead to ready this National Historic Landmark to open to the public in 2023. You may watch the Homestead Day recording to the right. Push the play button to begin the program. Push the 4 arrows icon on the lower right to enlarge to full screen. Closed captioning is available using the ‘cc’ button. Thank you!






Susan Bateson & Stephen S. Fuller
Keith Mestrich & Tilney Wickersham
Sarah Peskin & William Kelley
Ann Beaudry & Craig McEwen
Tomlin Coggeshall & Christopher Rice
David & Deborah Douglas
Kathy Kinsella & Ed James
Susan & John Kirk
Eleanor G. Shore
Kit Andrews
Peter & Nan Benton
Christopher Breiseth
Michael & Laura Chaney
Margaret Conkey
Cathy & Richard Freedberg
Carl R. Nold
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
& James Roosevelt
Hon. Margaret Rotundo
& Loring Danforth
Joan & Dan Amory
Nancy Anderson & Jeff Swain
Susan Babb
Peter Blaze Corcoran
Roger Bogart
Jane Dahmen
Kurt Feichtmeir
Judy Fiterman
Molly Galvin & Skooter Skotte
The Rev. Charles Hoffacker
& Helena Mirtova
Carole Huberman
Penny Kirk & Ed Scheideler
John Morris
Mark Peterson
& Jane Margolis
Patricia Ramsey & Fred Moseley
Linda Schumacher
Amy Simmons
William Whitlatch
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Sponsors help to preserve and promote the values championed by Frances Perkins and our three Homestead Day Honorees.

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