Ongoing Exhibit — Frances Perkins: The Woman Behind the New Deal



Frances Perkins Center Exhibit

This free exhibit presents an overview of the life of Frances Perkins, highlighting her accomplishments through historic photographs, text, and personal memorabilia.

Panels include:

  • Her Maine Roots and Patriot Ancestry
  • Mount Holyoke: Her Activist Roots
  • From Triangle Fire to New Deal
  • Confronting the Truth: An Unemployment Crisis
  • America Before the New Deal
  • The New Deal; Secretary of Labor 1933-45
  • Social Security: Her Greatest Achievement
  • 1945 and Beyond: A Proud Legacy

The exhibit space also includes a small library with Frances Perkins Center publications and related works of interest, with some available for purchase.

Visitor Hours
By appointment; please call to schedule your visit.

For More Information: 
Phone: (207) 563-3374 


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