Available from the Frances Perkins Center or Your Favorite Bookstore:

The Woman Behind the New Deal, by Kirstin Downey, 2009

The Courage to Meddle: The Belief of Frances Perkins, by Tom Levitt, 2020


Available from Libraries or Your Favorite Bookstore:

A Woman Unafraid: The Achievements of Frances Perkins, by Penny Colman, 1993

Frances Perkins: First Woman Cabinet Member, by Emily Keller, 2006

Frances Perkins, First Lady of the Cabinet, by Don Lawson, 1966

Madam Secretary Frances Perkins: by George Martin, 1976

Frances Perkins: That Woman in FDR’s Cabinet, by Lillian Holmen Mohr, 1979

Frances Perkins: Champion of the New Deal, by Naomi Pasachoff, 2000

Frances Perkins: A member of the Cabinet, by Bill Severn, 1976


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