Perkins Center garden party

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Perkins Center garden party
Frances Perkins Center Board of Directors Chair Christopher Breiseth,
center, with award recipients at the annual Garden Party Aug. 13. The
Open Door Award was given to Lindsey Davis, left, Director of Crisis
Services at the Coalition for the Homeless of New York City. The Steadfast
Award was presented to Christine Hastedt, Public Policy Director, Maine
Equal Justice of Augusta. (Tim Badgley photo)
Tomlin Coggeshall, center, grandson of Frances Perkins and host of the
Perkins Center Annual Garden Party in Newcastle Aug. 13 with attendees
Jenette Wheeler, left and Betsy Heminway, right. (Tim Badgley photo)
Sen. Chris Johnson, D-Somerville, left, and Brian Dean Curran, former
U.S. Ambassador to Haiti and Mozambique, right, attended the Frances
Perkins Center Annual Garden Party Aug. 13 in Newcastle. (Tim Badgley

ALERT: Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) The Frances Perkins Center and Homestead are Temporarily Closed