Indiana’s Vinalhaven home, Boothbay Harbor waterfront on 2019 ‘endangered’ list

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The 1837 brick house and connected barn have been home to the Perkins family for more than 250 years, and it houses the Frances Perkins Center. The nonprofit that has the right of first refusal to buy it from Frances Perkins’ grandson, but must raise $5.5 million for purchase and rehabilitation before the deal expires November 2019. Perkins, the U.S. secretary of labor from 1933-45, was the nation’s first female cabinet secretary. She was born in Massachusetts, but her parents were from Maine and she spent the summers of her life, from 1880 to 1965, at the house. Perkins is credited as the architect of key provisions of the New Deal, including programs that helped bring the nation out of the Great Depression. The house’s issues threaten both the buildings and contents, Maine Preservation said.

ALERT: Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) The Frances Perkins Center and Homestead are Temporarily Closed